COVID-19 Sneeze Guards

Harlow Glass is introducing range of COVID-19 sneeze guard products to help deal with the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses across retail and services look to return to work the safety of employees and being “COVID Secure” is of vital importance. Through our supplier network Harlow Glass can now supply toughened safety glass sneeze guards and sneeze screens. These are available in self-assembly format for speed of delivery and installation along with bespoke installs for tailored solutions.

The toughened glass used in the COVID-19 Sneeze Guards products provides safety for both employees and the general public should a screen break for any reason. The screens also provide a superior option to plastic alternatives available on the market. Glass is a fully recyclable product meaning that carbon foot print impacts of installing sneeze guards in premises is reduced. Glass is also more hygenic than plastic, with a smoother finish layer providing fewer imperfections in the surface for viruses and bacteria to gather. It is also possible to polish minor scratches from glass meaning that the glass can be repaired rather than replace should scratches occur.

Please contact us now to discuss your COVID-19 sneeze guard requirements to help ensure your employees and customers are as safe as possible and your business is a step closer to being “COVID Secure”.

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